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The Zohm yoga mats are here!

October 27, 2020

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new and premium yoga mat. Step into a world of color with Zohm yoga mats.

Whether you are a regular practitioner ready to update to a new yoga mat or a casual yogi looking for a statement mat, Zohm has the yoga mat you need.

With sustainability and the love of Mother Earth at our core, we plan to steer clear of PVC, plastic-y and harmful materials. Made only of natural and recyclable sources, Zohm features a micro-fiber suede upper and rubber tree base. Experience the luxurious and velvety feel and stable support for your body and your joints whether you are doing Yin, Vinyasa or Hot Yoga.

Zohm yoga mats stretch at 183cm by 66cm. This is longer and wider than most yoga mats to ensure you can get the most space for your practice. With a thickness of 5mm you will enjoy superior cushioning for your knees, elbows and joints.

Take a look at the Zohm Dreamscape Collection on my website under Reminiscent of dreamy clouds and paintings of the sky, this special collection features original artwork and soft watercolor shades to brighten up your home or your studio. Available in four unique hues: Sunset Breeze, Summer Blush, Lavender Spell and Tropical Mist.

Zohm yoga mats also come with a cotton carrying strap and is available starting today. In line with the core values of our brand, we will be donating $10 to a charitable foundation for every purchase of a mat or a bag.

For more information, go to our Shop page.

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