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Upcoming online Zoom coaching classes

April 01, 2020

Studios still closed and missing the guidance of your yoga teacher? Hop over to Zoom and join me as you experience a new learning curve. Laptop or tablet required. 

All coaching sessions 4-5pm (HK time/GMT+8):

Mondays: Yoga to Detox 

Tuesdays: Yoga for Tight Hips & Hamstrings 

Wednesday: Chair Yoga 

Thursday: Yoga for Chest & Shoulders 

Friday: Yoga for Back Pain

Six slots only per session.

Using this platform I will be checking and coaching every single participant and give my best personal feedback. Practice in a well-lit area and wear colors that stand out for your background so I can guide you online. Open to all levels and beginners are welcome. 

Go to Contact page to get more information or email

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