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August 25, 2020

After several weeks working behind the scenes, here it is, finally updated and live! It’s been a dream to have my own website, one to carry my name and all the stuff that I want to share with all of you. It couldn’t come at a more proper time, with the current global situation and people trying to adapt to a new normal. Technology is as important than ever, but even more important are the relationships that we build with it, as we connect through social media and other platforms while strengthening the bond as a community.

My goal as a human and a yoga teacher is to enlighten and to inspire. If I am able to guide even one person to become a better version of him/herself then I feel like I am working closer towards achieving my purpose. Creating a website to reach out to other people who I haven’t met personally seems to be the next big leap, and I am thrilled to open up to this bigger ocean and the global community.

Here you are going to find news about my classes, workshops, events and special projects. You will also have access to my blog as well as yoga tips and tutorials. You can also find links to my social media where I scrapbook ideas and gather feedback.

It’s an exciting work in progress as I carefully build and create more content. One more thing – I have a special announcement coming up very, very soon!  If you'd like you can subscribe to get first dibs and news straight to your email.

Massive thanks to my super partner Carlos for making this website come to life. Your creative input and encouragement have been my biggest support in my yoga journey.

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